Interact with the Healing Community

Frequently Asked Questions

What is support group?

Support group is a virtual/web gathering of survivors designed for encouragement of one another on the healing journey. At Deep Roots Healing, we believe in community. Support group is designed to encourage you as you heal.

Support groups contain individuals at many different stages of healing. This design is beneficial for all involved. Newer members are encouraged to see the strength and healing that has occurred in the lives of older members. Older members have the opportunity to reflect on their growth and celebrate. They also begin the process of sharing their experiences in a positive, healing environment.

Support groups generally begin with a topic for thought. We hope that this topic encourages all survivors, regardless of the stage they are at in their healing journey. Topics are often aligned with book chapters, milestones, blog posts, or Bible study topics.

Support group is about encouragement and community. Support groups are NOT counseling. We strongly advocate for all survivors to have a counselor to support them on their healing journey. In support groups, we operate under an established support group agreement. This agreement is reviewed with all members before their first group and includes protocols to ensure the environment is confidential and healing focused.

Please review the frequently asked questions below. If we do not answer any of your questions, feel free to ask us using the contact form below.

How do I join a weekly support group?

The first step is to register. This can be done at During the registration process, you will be given both a URL and a password. On the day of the support group, simply go to the URL and enter the password to attend the meeting.

Am I required to use my name when attending the support group?

No. When you join the web meeting, you will be allowed to enter any name you choose in the name field. We recommend that you use a web id/username instead of your name for confidentiality reasons. The leader of the support group will address you by the name you use when entering the online meeting.

I lost the password for the online meeting. Where can I find it?

For confidentiality reasons, the password used for support group will change each week. If you have lost a password, return to the registration console to retrieve the password.

Who can attend support groups?

To be allowed to attend a support group you must be both an active member of the website and have registered for the session. You may not enter the online support group sessions without a username. Anyone who enters without first registering will be removed from the meeting.

Am I required to turn on video in the support group?

Absolutely not! Many survivors enjoy the community aspect of seeing other survivors. Video is a great way to virtually meet people face to face. However, you will never be required to turn on your video camera. The meeting platform we use offers two options, with or without video. Simply choose the best one for you.

Are the support groups specific to the chapter I am reading?

No. Support groups are all about healing. We will have a focal topic we will discuss for the first few minutes of group. This topic will be connected to a chapter, blog, or Bible study topic. The topic is designed to encourage you on your healing journey. The remainder of the support group will be survivors encouraging one another as we grow in our identities in Jesus Christ.

What are online prayer sessions?

Online prayer sessions are small group sessions where we share our hearts in prayer with Jesus Christ. The Bible says that Where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them (Matthew 18:20, NIV). Prayer times are just that. We talk to our Lord, Jesus Christ, the Healer.

You may bring specific request to prayer or simply ask for prayer in general. Like support group, please remember that prayer times are NOT counseling.

Our team loves to pray with you as you heal. Because prayer sessions are short, we do ask that you share your request in less than 5 minutes. Our desire is to quickly enter into prayer and allow Jesus Christ to be the one to minister to your needs.

How do I join a prayer session?

Prayer sessions use the same web meeting technology used in support groups. Please see the questions above regarding how to register for a prayer session.

I have a question not listed here. Who can I ask?

Feel free to use the contact form below. We love questions.

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