I Want to Forget Being Abused!

In this blog: Discover the 5 stages of healing from abuse

Many abuse survivors convince themselves if they could only forget the abuse, it would have no control on them today. I understand this feeling. Often experiences with abuse are overwhelming; and sometimes, as we begin to heal, it feels worse, not better. We want to forget, to ignore it, to make it go away. But it won’t. . . which only frustrates us more.

You don’t have to forget. There is another way. You can look directly at your abuse experience and declare that it no longer has any power over you. You can declare that the lies spoken to you by your abuser are simply not true. Your life has purpose, meaning, and uniqueness.

So, how does this transition occur?

The transition occurs when we no longer need our abuse to have “not happened.” It occurs when we can acknowledge that bad things may have happened, but we are good. As we realize that healing does not require us to change our past, but to embrace our future, we begin to live.
Your healing journey starts as you declare that:

· Abuse is NOT your story.

· Your story is created by the decisions you make.

· You did not make the decision to be abused.

You no longer have to believe the words that were spoken over you. Instead, embrace yourself as special, unique, and loved by God. Healing takes courage, but it is worth it.

I don’t want to portray that healing is simply a decision. Yes, you can decide to pursue the healing journey, but healing itself will likely challenge many areas of yourself.

Do you believe that you can have hope beyond your experience with abuse?

Have you allowed other people to encourage you as you seek healing?

Are you willing to make sacrifices to pursue your healing?

Is Jesus Christ the One who you are trusting to heal you?

Do you believe that your healing will one day be something you celebrate and use to encourage others?

Healing is a beautiful journey. It allows you to learn about yourself, to discover who you are. You begin to create a story for your life that is founded in your decisions. You discover that freedom and a fulfilled life are within your reach!

I have outlined my healing journey for you into five steps or milestones. These five areas are the key changes I watched occur in my life as I embraced my purpose. You can read about each of these five milestones on my home page. However, if there is a specific area where you struggle on your healing journey, please let me know. I would love to encourage you as you pursue your healing journey.

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