The Power of Prayer

Prayer released me from feeling trapped.

Joyce came to support group hopeless. She had given up and was no longer sure that her life mattered. She sat in her first support group with her eyes glazed over and on the verge of tears. She didn’t think that this would help, and that belief made her even more upset.

When the support group leader asked Joyce her thoughts on a topic, the tears could not be held back any longer. Through sobs and tears, Joyce told her group all of the reasons the group wouldn’t help. There was no hope for her. She believed that the group could not possibly understand.

But, they did understand. They understood because they too had experienced hopelessness inside of their abuse experience. The group leader knew the emotion also. But the leader also experienced the healing power of Jesus Christ. Believing in Jesus is not a requirement to be a member of our support groups. We are willing to encourage survivors wherever they are in their healing journey. So, the leader did not know if Joyce would be open to receiving prayer.

The leader asked Joyce if she was willing to let her pray. She explained to Joyce that she believed in the healing power of Jesus Christ and knew that Jesus desired to carry Joyce through the pain she was experiencing. Joyce accepted the invitation to be prayed over.

Jesus released a miracle in Joyce’s life!

In the next few moments, Jesus released a miracle in Joyce’s life. Joyce was overwhelmed by the love of Jesus, and she knew that she had been changed. Joyce not only found hope but also began to see that her life did matter.

Joyce grew in ways her once hopeless heart could never have imagined after that day. Today, she looks at this experience as one of the most significant moments on her healing journey.

Prayer is a foundation of our ministry at Deep Roots Healing.

Prayer is a core foundation of our ministry at Deep Roots Healing. Prayer is not a one-time event, but an opportunity to learn to express our heart to the Savior. You are never alone. Jesus desires for you to share all of yourself with Him. Learning to communicate with Him in prayer allows us to have the opportunity to grow and to learn about His immeasurable love our us.

Survivors in our online support groups are given the opportunity to sign up for prayer support sessions which are held through web conference. The survivor has the choice to connect with the prayer partner by voice only or web cam, depending on their personal preference. Survivors can also submit prayer requests online if they do not wish to join a live prayer session. Sometimes survivors feel that they don’t have words to express their feelings. Please know that we would love to pray for you. The Bible says that where two or more are gathered in Jesus name, He is there. (Matthew 18:20) There is nothing more beautiful that seeking Jesus together.

We hope to pray with you soon!

To join our online support groups, go to this link. 

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