Survivors are encouraged when they hear stories of others’ healing

“Other people’s stories inspired me that I could heal also.” – Jayla

I saw videos of survivors who were no longer trapped by their abuse.

Jayla knew there had to be more to life. Her life had had too much pain. Surely, this was not life was about. Jayla is a survivor or abuse. Her abuser had completely isolated her. She didn’t have anyone investing into her live. No one told her that her life was important.

Jayla was also a fighter. She knew deep inside of her, that there had to be more to life than what she was experiencing. Otherwise, why would people live? If all life offered was pain, well, she simply would not accept that possibility.

While looking for answers, Jayla found Deep Roots Healing and the website She viewed several of the survivor videos. She knew she had finally found her answer. She didn’t know what exactly it was yet, but she knew that the people in the videos she watch were no longer victims of abuse. They weren’t living lives trapped by abuse. They were living the life she desired.

Jayla joined our support groups for this reason. Today, Jayla looks at her own life differently. She has found hope and freedom.

Survivors are encouraged to hear stories of freedom. It reminds them that freedom is possible.

At Deep Roots Healing, we believe in the power of testimony. Each of the 14 sessions in our subscription content contains what we call “Success Story” videos. Success stories allow survivors who have experienced healing to encourage survivors who are struggling through the healing journey.

Success stories celebrate small changes. We celebrate milestones and heart changes that occur inside of us. Each milestone and heart change represents a piece of us that is healing.

Our survivors are never required to share about their healing experiences. But some do because they know that their healing will be an encouragement to others. We treasure the bravery of survivors who share their thoughts about healing.

We hope that these success stories encourage you also. Your healing is important. We hope that you will allow us to be part of your journey as you heal from abuse. You can see a few of our success stories here. Others can be found on our YouTube channel.

– Note: All of our success story videos are filmed by an actress or actor. While the stories are real, our desire is to allow our survivors confidentiality. Names have also been changed to protect the survivor’s identity.

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