What is an online support group for Survivors of abuse? What do group members do?

What is an online support group? What do group members do?

We are often asked what an online support group looks like. While the structure of the group is set, the experience is extremely individual. Let look first at the experience, then move into the online support group structure.

Your experience – Your way

Our online support groups are supported by technology that allows you to integrate with the group in whatever way is comfortable for you. Your comfort and confidentiality are very important to us. Our desire is to create an environment where you feel safe to pursue your healing journey.

After joining the site, each week you will be given access to a new “chapter” or healing objective. This content is designed to support you as you heal and encourage you to think about different aspects of healing. Each chapter offers several different kinds of content. Here is the basic structure:

  • A video message which supports the healing objective of the week.
  • Written “chapter” content which you can read to go deeper into the healing objective.
  • Journal questions. These questions encourage you to think about how the topics relate to you personally.
  • Success Stories. These videos allow you to hear about other survivors who have faced similar challenges.
  • Community discussion. Each healing objective is connected to a place in our online forums where you can ask other survivors questions or encourage one another.
  • Additional reading. We also connect you to related blog content for additional reading.


We also offer the opportunity for you to interact live with other survivors. This can be done through:

  • Weekly Support Groups – Weekly support groups are about encouragement. We meet together digitally to encourage one another and seek Jesus Christ for healing. Support group involvement, like all of our other offerings, is designed to allow you to participate at the level you feel comfortable. Online ids are used instead of real name. You also have the option to join by video or to disable your video. Participants can engage in the discussion or simply listen. Our desire is for you to feel safe as you pursue healing.
  • Prayer Sessions – Prayer sessions can be joined digitally or you can simply submit a prayer request to our team. In our live sessions, you have the same ability to control you experience as you do in our weekly support groups. We love the opportunity to pray with our survivors. This is a core foundation of our ministry.

We hope that by explaining the online support group experience you can see how you can create your own, very personal, experience based on your comfort level. If you would like to join one of our support groups, click this link to sign up.

Support Group Structure


The structure of our online support groups is established around 5 healing milestones. Each milestone contains several “chapters.” The chapters are designed to give you tools as you pursue the healing milestone where you are focused.

Our desire is to not overwhelm you as you heal. Our software is created so that one chapter of information is revealed to you each week. We do not ask our Survivors to complete one chapter per week. The rate at which you move through the chapters will be very personal to you. However, our desire is that by releasing only one chapter per week, you will not become overwhelmed.

Abuse impacts so many areas of a person’s life. Many abuse survivors want to be healed instantly. When the survivor looks at the intensity of the impact, yet desires immediately relief, they often become frustrated. Our desire is that survivors relax and enjoy the healing process. Survivors find encouragement as they complete “chapters” of their healing. Survivors feel victory and accomplishment with each milestone completed.


Our desire for you is just that, that as you heal, you take time to celebrate yourself. As you heal, you will learn more and more about yourself. You will discover that you are special, unique, and loved by God.

If you have more questions about our support groups, please feel free to reach out to us. You may do so by filling out the form below or contacting us on Facebook. If you would like to become part of our community, you may do that by clicking this link.


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