Embracing Your Story – Abuse Is Not Your Story

The story of the Survivor is a story of victory!

At the beginning of the healing journey, it is hard for most survivors to imagine viewing themselves as extraordinary. The can’t imagine knowing their who they are, whose they are, and why their lives matter.

Yet, as survivors heal, the answers to these questions stir up a passion inside of them. They learn that they are not ordinary. They were created extraordinary, in the image of Jesus Christ Himself. They learn that they can embrace their story and that they can experience the freedom of being uniquely themselves. They return to living in wonder and joy. The learn to relax and grow.

The fifth milestone invites survivors to embrace their story – a story of victory. A story of being uniquely themselves.

Our online support groups are designed to encourage and support you on the healing journey. We break the journey into 5 milestones so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Many survivors want to be healed instantly. A milestone acknowledges that we are working in a major area of healing, but that there is usually more than one area of our life which has been impacted by abuse.

Milestone 5 – Embracing Your Story

Milestone 5 has four chapters. Chapters are topics which are part of healing milestone. In our online support groups for survivors of abuse, we encourage you to focus on no more than one chapter per week. Many of our members have found that a single chapter, may take them much longer than one week. The journey is individual. One specific topic may be extra challenging for you, while another is very simple.

The chapters in milestone one are:

  • Chapter 14 – “Recognizing Roots” – In Chapter 14, we will look again at our life experiences. We will acknowledge that things that began dirt may today be strength in our lives. Our negative experiences can be grown into something beautiful.
  • Chapter 15 – “Changing Perspectives” – As you grow, your perspective will change. In Chapter 15, we acknowledge the impact our experiences with abuse have had on our lives, but celebrate that this is only part of who we are. We celebrate growth!
  • Chapter 16 – “Rest and Relax” – In chapter 16, reminds us of our need to rest and relax. It reminds us of the reward of being uniquely who we were created to be. It reminds us to recognize the movement of Jesus Christ occurring in our lives every single day.
  • Chapter 17 – “Grow” – In chapter 17, we celebrate!  We celebrate our purpose, the confidence we have found in being ourselves, and the growth that we have and will experience.

Click here to hear some of our survivors’ stories. Click here to join our online support groups which are designed to encourage survivors of abuse. Click here to order a copy of the book Abuse Is Not My Story by Victoria Elise Michael.


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