Understanding Your Purpose

Who am I? Did the Abuse change who I am?

Abuse survivors often make the comment that a piece of them was taken by their abuser. He changed them. His actions caused them to feel incomplete, less important, uncertain of who they are. The abuse not only impacted them physically, but it challenged their view of themselves. It challenged their identity.

“Who am I?” is a question survivors often struggle to answer. For survivors who experienced childhood sexual abuse, it is likely they never discovered themselves. Instead, their abuser told them who they were. And their abuser told them LIES that they were worthless, inadequate, unimportant. Adult survivors of all kinds of abuse experience the same challenge. Has their life changed? Is the world as safe as they once believe it was? Were the things their abuser said true?

Milestone 4 is about identity, hope, and discovery. Survivors learn that it is in the love of Christ that they are complete. We encourage survivors to experience Christ’s loving kindness and His desire to share all of Himself with us. In this place, we learn who we are. We hare His children; we are protected and safe.

The fourth milestone experience will challenge you to open your heart in new ways to experience the acceptance, love, and completeness Jesus offers.

Often survivors join our online support groups angry, frustrated, and asking, “Where was God?” Please know that if this is where you are, you are welcome. We don’t hide ourselves from the hard questions. Instead, we want to stand with beside you and encourage you as you seek Jesus Christ for the answers your heart desires. We believe you will experience the overwhelming love He desires to offer you.

We divide the healing journey into 5 milestones. We believe that these milestones are important so that you don’t feel overwhelmed as you progress through the healing journey.

Milestone 4- Understanding Your Purpose

Milestone 4 has four chapters. Chapters are topics which are part of healing milestone. In our online support groups for survivors of abuse, we encourage you to focus on no more than one chapter per week. Many of our members have found that a single chapter, may take them much longer than one week. The journey is individual. One specific topic may be extra challenging for you, while another is very simple.

The chapters in milestone one are:

  • Chapter 10 – “A Moment of Pause” – Complete healing is found in Jesus Christ. Chapter 10 outlines the remaining chapters in milestone four and encourages you that no matter how hard embracing spiritual healing may be, these chapters are extremely important.
  • Chapter 11 – “Where was God?” – In Chapter 11, we will look at the difficult question, “Where was God?” We will explore His incredible love and recognize that the choices He allows us to make can be for good, or for evil.
  • Chapter 12 – “The Love of a Father” – We are loved with an everlasting love. Jesus Christ Himself desires to be a part of your life. In chapter 12, we will acknowledge His love and learn the importance of slowing down and learning to trust Jesus.
  • Chapter 13 – “Attachments” – Our identity is found in Jesus Christ. In Chapter 13, we see the power of a life transformed, and filled, by Jesus Christ. He is calling you to Himself, for healing, and to be embraced by His overwhelming love.

Click here to read about milestone five. Click here to join our online support groups which are designed to encourage survivors of abuse. Click here to order a copy of the book Abuse Is Not My Story by Victoria Elise Michael.

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