How to Develop Hope Beyond your Experience with Abuse

Do you struggle to find hope? Does your experience with abuse feel overwhelming?

Facing the pain of abuse is hard. It requires us to be vulnerable and look at experiences we wish had never happened. Many abuse survivors benefit from the encouragement and resources in our online support groups. The group is designed so that survivors do not have to face the healing journey alone. In our online forums, we divide the healing journey into 5 milestones. We believe that these milestones are important so that you don’t feel overwhelmed as you progress through the healing journey.

Many survivors want to be healed instantly. A milestone acknowledges that we are working in a major area of healing, but that there is usually more than one area of our life which has been impacted by abuse. As you complete milestones, we encourage you to celebrate. You are prioritizing your healing, and we hope you are seeing that your healing is extremely important.

Milestone 1 – Hope Beyond Your Experience

Milestone 1 acknowledges that many survivors of abuse struggle to find hope. Their experience of abuse has been heavy and separates them from the life they long to have. The goal of milestone one is to process your experience and face the pain that has held you captive.

Milestone 1 has two chapters. Chapters are topics which are part of healing milestone. In our online support groups for survivors of abuse, we encourage you to focus on no more than one chapter per week. Many of our members have found that a single chapter, may take them much longer than one week. The journey is individual. One specific topic may be extra challenging for you, while another is very simple.

The chapters in milestone one are:

  • Chapter 1 – “Abuse is not your story” – Your story is created by the decisions that you make. You did not make the decision to be abused. In chapter one, we will begin to recognize that abuse does not have the control we once gave it in our lives.
  • Chapter 2 – “Cracks – In chapter two, we will acknowledge the impact that abuse has had on our lives. Yet, as we face this reality, we will declare that we have made the decision to purse healing because our lives are important.

Click here to read about Milestone two. Click here to join our online support groups which are designed to encourage survivors of abuse. Click here to order a copy of the book Abuse Is Not My Story by Victoria Elise Michael.


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