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What’s the bottom line? Jesus set an incredible example of the importance of being alone and communicating with God.

As I have aged, I have learned that when I am exhausted my emotion of choice is crying. At the end of a long day, I often feel I have given everything to me. And, if you are the next person who needs something, be ready . . . you will probably see me cry. It is not that I am sad. I am just exhausted. The thought of one more thing can trigger discouragement that often leads to tears.

Maybe you can relate or maybe not. But what everyone can relate to is the need to recharge.

Jesus set an incredible example of the importance of being alone and communicating with God.

In Matthew 14, Jesus withdrew twice from the crowd to be alone with His Father. Jesus had just learned of the murder of John the Baptist and was sad. In Matthew 14:13, the Bible says Jesus withdrew by boat privately. The crowds followed the boat on foot, and as the vessel docked, Jesus because He had compassion for the people spent the remainder of the day meeting their spiritual and physical needs. Then, at the end of the day, Matthew 14:22 says Jesus withdrew from people again, going up the mountain to pray

Jesus disciples had been present while Jesus ministered to the people that day. They saw Him healing the sick, providing food for the people, and performing miracles. I believe that they also needed to recharge at the end of that long, but wonderful, day. In verse 22, while Jesus dismissed the crowd, He sent the disciples ahead of Him in the boat. Much later that night, Jesus walked across the lake to join the disciples in the boat.

Terrified of seeing Jesus walk on water, Peter said, “Lord, if it is you, tell me to come to you on the water” (Matthew 14:28 NIV). Jesus replied, “Come” (Matthew 14:29 NIV). Peter began to walk on water toward Jesus. Then, fear hit and Peter began to sink. He cried out for Jesus to save Him, and Jesus reached out and caught him.

This story has two critically important lessons for us on our healing journey.

First, Jesus Christ Himself demonstrated the importance of time alone with God. Jesus lived in this world, without sin. He did this by fully depending on Father God. It is important that we spend regular time alone with God, too. But we must allow Him to recharge us when we are exhausted, sad, angry, or any other emotion you want to place in this sentence. If we can learn to pull away from our demanding lives and return to our Creator, we will find life and experience the greatness of who He is. Do you know about Jesus healing the sick? if not you may read at Wikipedia

Second, Peter’s example reveals much about how to focus. You see, on our healing journey, there will be many opportunities for us to sink. The waves and storms on the water will distract us. The fear of what we are doing might cause us to lose focus, resulting in a feeling like we are slipping underwater or even drowning. But, when we focus on Jesus, we will walk through those times doing things we thought were unimaginable. Then, when we do lose focus and begin to sink, we can return quickly to safety by calling on the name of Jesus.

I love illustrations. It is powerful to me to think of a picture of stormy waters. Place your storms in the water. A storm could be a job loss, a partner who is not supporting you in your healing, or friends who are negative influences. You know the things that are challenging you as you walk toward healing.

Now, imagine yourself stepping on top of those things with your eyes focused on Jesus. Jesus can walk over all those things because He is the ultimate Victor. He lived here on earth perfectly. Not only did He live perfectly, but He defeated all of the sins of this world when He rose from the dead. Imagine yourself focusing on the One who is walking above the water. As you step into the water, your focus is placed completely on Him. You too, walk. You walk in the most unimaginable way. You walk on water. You can walk because you have faith in Jesus.

There will be times you will begin to sink. Peter set a great example for what to do when this happens. He called on the name of Jesus. When the storm you have already placed in the water causes you to fear, remember that when you call out to Jesus, He will reach out His hand and save you. You may also know about JESUS HEALING THE SICK

You are not alone on your healing journey. Jesus desires to watch you do impossible and cool things. You can do them because of who He is!

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