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Exciting Days Ahead. . . One day we will look at our healing and recognize that the abuse happened . . . but there is so much more!

healing hearts

Taffy was more than just a dog. She was the kind of dog who stole your heart. She was always in trouble in the cutest ways yet, she was the most amazing cuddle bug in the world. Taffy lived life her way. I remember the day she dug her first hole under the fence. We believed we had lost her. We mourned, and we prayed for her return. Taffy was having her own fun. She had escaped into the horse pastures near our home. I know this today because she returned with briars in her fur that were only found in that area. But for three days, we did not know what had happened to her. We were sad.

We had incredible memories with Taffy. Despite her strong, independent streak, Taffy was the kind of dog that loved her people. Taffy was trained off-leash and loved to be part of our very quiet street. Her job was to race the neighborhood kids to the end of the road. Who was faster the dog, or the kids on bikes? She loved her people. She loved cuddling her people and making sure no one bothered them.

Taffy’s life ended too soon. She was not even two years old yet. She was playing with the kids on our quiet street when the babysitter heard an unfamiliar noise . . . a car speeding. She rushed to get the kids out of the street, but Taffy was not able to escape the driver. She was severely injured and later died. Our family mourned the loss of a friend and a family member. You may also read about healing hearts at Wikipedia

Healing wasnt easy for any of us; for my son, it was extra difficult. The connection my son and Taffy began long before Taffy was born. At two years of age, he started praying, God, please let me have a dog. I wasnt interested. For years, the prayer continued. Taffy was connected to his heart before she even existed. He mourned her death from the deep, heart connection he had with his dog.

A new dog entered our home just over a year ago. She is a delight. She is fun in so many different ways than Taffy had been. She has also stolen all of our hearts.

We had made two decisions as a family:

  • We decided that we would never replace Taffy with another dog, but also decided a new dog could join our family eventually. The difference is, we never asked the new dog to be Taffy. The new dog was just herself, and she was absolutely wonderful for us
  • We would remember the great things about Taffy, not just the end. The end happened, and we openly talk about it . . . but there is more to remember than just that.

Two nights ago, my son looked at me and said, Mom, I don’t remember what Taffy looked like. After reminding him that we have pictures he can look at, I asked him if his heart had healed. He said it had.

One day we will look at our healing and recognize that the abuse happened . . . but there is so much more. We will celebrate that even though something bad happened, we can live in good today. We will know that we dont need to replace our story with a different one. Our story was created by the decisions we made. Other peoples decisions might have changed our course, but we made the decisions to talk about it and to heal from it. We made the decision to live and embrace every single day!

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