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Personal welcome message from Victoria

I may not know you, but I love your heart. Simply clicking the link to help abuse survivors tells me that you care. And, many of our survivors need to hear that.


My life was drastically changed because of the love of others. They stood beside me and reminded me that my identity was in Jesus Christ, and it was not in all of the lies my abuser had forced me to believe about myself. I needed encouragement, and people like you offered that to me.


We use donations made to our organization to reach more survivors. In our first year as an organization, we interacted with over 7,000 survivors in 38 countries. We did not charge any of our survivors for their involvement.


We currently are asking survivors to pay a low monthly fee to be a part of our community. The reality is that no matter how low we keep our fee, many survivors simply can’t afford the cost. Our desire is to invite them to join us anyway. And, our ask of you is simple. Could you help us financially so that we can reach survivors and tell them they are loved?

Success stories


All of the things I had heard about God didn’t really line up with what had happened to me. I was angry at God.


My mentor challenged me to not give up. She never gave up on me. She prayed over me often.


I am proud of myself. I am proud of the ability that I now have to find myself in the choices that I make!

Support the survivors

Could you financially support a survivor to help her get access to our healing community? Many survivors are not able to join without your support. Thank you for considering helping!


This option allows you the oportunity to donate any increment of money to help us grow the ministry.



This option provides the following resources for the survivor: a book, online access, a journal, coloring book, and Bible.



This options provides the material necessary to begin a support group. Included resources are books, online access, posters for advertising, a banner and flyers.


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