Accountability can be gentle and supportive

Accountability can be gentle and supportive. This was Barbara’s experience…

Barbara knew she needed help. Life wasn’t right; she wanted more. But, she was tired of trying. She had attended counseling. She had read books. She was tired and trying again seemed like a waste of time.


When her church began to offer a support group for survivors of abuse, she decided to give it one more try. She went to the first group, very unsure. Was she wasting her time trying to heal from abuse AGAIN? What would be different?

Barbara found the difference very quickly. The people in her support group really cared. They were happy to have her as part of the group. They were growing and learning, just like her. The relationships Barbara built caused her to feel an accountability to attend the group. Her new friends encouraged her not to give up when she faced hard times.


Love, accountability, and support helped Barbara grow

Barbara believes the accountability and support she experienced inside of her support group were why she experienced so much growth. She knew that if she missed a week, her friends would be calling to check on her. It wasn’t just that they called; it was that they understood the struggle Barbara faced. It was easier for Barbara to run than to attend group and face strong emotions associated with her abuse. They knew of Barbara’s struggle because they faced the same challenge.


Joining an online support group for survivors of abuse allows you the opportunity to grow and experience the encouragement that Barbara experienced. At Deep Roots Healing, we encourage survivors to establish relationships with other survivors, in their local community and in our online community. Survivors often are encouraged to find:

• Unity amongst survivors – Our community that understands that healing form abuse takes courage. Facing emotions that are easier to ignore takes guts. Because the members of this group are also survivors, they know that when you join the group, you are making an investment in yourself to heal. The investment looks different from person to person, but the desire to heal unites all survivors.

• Love – At Deep Roots Healing, we know that love begins with the Father. A major focus in our online community is learning to love ourselves and see ourselves through the identity we have been given in Jesus Christ. Abuse tries to become the survivor’s identity. Survivors have been lied to, told to be quiet, told they were worthless, told that no one would believe them if they talked. Our identity in Jesus Christ tells us that we are loved, children of God, made in His image with purpose. We can declare that abuse will no longer have power over our lives and that we will live our lives defined by our identity in Christ.

Finally, there is one commitment survivors must make when they commit to join our online support groups. They must be willing to take the risk to establish relationships. We have created several venues to help you in this process. Our weekly support groups are held by web meeting. This is a great environment to talk with other survivors. We also offer chat forums where you can ask other survivors questions about healing or just talk about life.


As with all internet forums, we do encourage safety. You will use an online identity as part of the group. We do not recommend that survivors exchange personal information. We encourage you to keep your communication inside of the platform and report any unsafe or unacceptable communication. Online connections should not go offline, and internet safety protocol should be followed.


You may click here to find out more information about how to join our online support groups for survivors of abuse.

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