Online support group for Abuse survivors

Are you living but not fully alive? Do you struggle to find confidence in who you are? Join us in a wonderful journey of healing.


Five Steps to FINDING HOPE after Abuse


Milestone 1: Hope Beyond Your Experience

Many survivors of abuse struggle to find hope. Their experience of abuse is heavy and separates them from the life they long to have.


Milestone 2: Partnerships on your Healing Journey

All survivors can benefit from a team of supporters. This milestone evaluates how to grow these relationships, and yourself, along the healing journey.


Milestone 3: Creating an Atmosphere to Grow

The optimal environment for growth enables survivors to celebrate and dream in a safe and secure environment.


Milestone 4: Understanding Your Purpose

It is in the love of Christ that we are complete. As we experience His lovingkindness and His deep desire to share all of Himself with us, we learn who we are. We are His children; we are protected and safe. As His children, we grow to become like Him in the safety of that relationship.


Milestone 5: Embracing Your Story

You are not ordinary. You were created extraordinary, in the image of Jesus Christ Himself. As you embrace your story, you will experience the freedom to be uniquely you. You will recognize blessings and experience the wonder that exist around you every day. You will relax and grow.

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Abuse is Not My Story is a rally cry for survivors of abuse. We declare that we will not be defined by our abuse experience. It was not our choice to be abused, and we will not live in the shadows of our experience with abuse. Our online support group challenges survivors to experience the freedom of being themselves.

You can be confident being yourself!

Abuse survivors can find hope and freedom from the isolation of abuse.


Lynda Elliott

Life Coach and Author

Having found the path of healing from abuse, Victoria offers qualified help to all who need it. She is an example of someone who is healed and thriving. I fully recommend her book.


Charlotte Cone

Counselor and Educator

The authors personal experiences are shared in a sensitive, insightful book that is a must read for survivors.


Junanne Clauson

Artist and Ministry Leader

I love this book because it is such a message of hope for those of you who are trapped in the consequences of another’s abusive choices.

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